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Putting Health & Safety first

Protecting everyone

Health, safety and wellbeing is firmly ingrained in Howarth Contractors' philosophy. Our legacy, over the last 25 years, has seen us continually strive to reduce risks, and protect our staff and clients, by building a culture where safety comes first. Driven by our ‘Safety first’ value, we are clear that our employees and supply chain should go home safe and well at the end of every day. From delivering an array of landmark buildings, to complex property and infrastructure projects and programmes for clients, we are responsible for the health and safety of everyone involved, and all of our employees are dedicated to this commitment. 


Creating healthier and safer environments


Our strategy extends beyond the delivery of our clients’ projects and programmes. We recognise that health and safety evolves through the lifecycle of a project, and as such, we assemble our highly skilled workforce to manage health and safety risk holistically. We work with our clients and supply chain partners to develop a culture that ensures nobody gets hurt or suffers ill health at work.

We have adopted an approach where safe behaviour doesn't stop when a project ends. This enables us to offer creative healthy and safe solutions, in consideration of the whole lifecycle, whether our appointment is made in design or during operations.

Although we remain one of the leading companies in our sector, we are continuously striving to develop new, safer and healthier methods of delivery. 

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